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Gyro compass GM-20/21

Thanks to TOKYO KEIKI's state-of-the-art technology, gyrocompass instrumentation for heading reference is now available at reasonable cost to operators of small commercial vessels and fishing boats. The advantages of gyroscope technology offered by the specially designed GM-20/21 eliminates the inconveniences associated with conventional magnetic compasses. The GM-20/21 features synchro output, which can be used to drive the companion TOKYO KEIKI PR-1500 Steering Control for decidedly low cost autopilot steering. There's also an automatic preset startup feature with a 24-hour timer, so the GM-20/21 can be made ready to go for the next outing. In addition, if a synchro amplifier is used with the GM-21, up to three repeater compasses can be connected. The GM-20/21 incorporates a master compass which is normally mounted on top of the static inverter. If available space is limited, the static inverter can be remotely located on the bulkhead.

  • Compact Design

    The GM-20/21 measures only 228 x 321 x 377mm, so it can be easily installed on fishing boats and other small commercial vessels.
  • Low Power Consumption

    Power consumption is only 50 VA (for master compass)
  • Ease of Operation

  • - Direct Reading and Synchro Output

    Direct reading simplifies use considerably, and synchro output offers means for low-cost autopilot steering.
  • Three Repeater Compass Circuits

  • Automatic Preset Startup

  • A 24-hour timer permits automatic startup.

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