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A high-accuracy Log complying with the requirements of IMO.
Many signal output functions as standard and Easy installation.


The TD-310 Doppler Speed Log is designed in accordance with the requirements of IMO regulation and has high accuracy, many signals' output functions such as ship's speed and distance etc..
The size of units are reduced as small as possible (the display unit particularly is 1/14 in volume and 1/5 in mass compared to TD-501), and easy to install to ships such as coastal ships and ocean going ships.


The TD-310 adopts the paired-beam system in which the sonic energy is directed ahead and astern.This virtually minimizes doppler shift errors caused by the ship's motions. Furthermore, by receiving the echoes selectively from about 3 m below the ship's hull, the TD-310 minimizes adverse wake influences.

By virtue of its non-protruding, flush-mount design, the transducer of the TD-310 is completely free from the damage caused by drift ice or wood. Moreover, it need not be retracted before entering a port or extended after leaving it.

Total cumulative distance(DISTANCE 1) and distance since reset(DISTANCE 2) are memorized for each display unit.

Up to 3 Display units and 4 Analog meters can be connected.

Auxiliary output signals as standard
  • Digital interface (IEC-61162-1 VBW,VLW) :8 circuits
  • 200 pulses/mile contact signals:8 circuits
  • Current signal (4-20 mA):1 circuit
  • Voltage signal:1 circuit
Low cost and simplicity of installation
  • All special cables are supplied by TOKYO KEIKI.
  • Size of main units are reduced and as a result, system can be installed with ease and low cost.
    Especially, the depth of the display unit is reduced to about 30 mm.

Operating method Ultrasonic paired-beam pulsed doppler system
Operating frequency 2MHz
Speed range -10 knots to 30 knots
Speed display 3-digits numerical LED readout
Ahead/Astern indication Ahead : green LED indication
Astern:red LED indication
Distance display 0.0 to 9999.9 nautical miles in LED
Distance 1 and distance 2 can be stored in non-volatile memory for each display unit
Accuracy +/- 0.1 knot(speed) +/- 1%(distance)
Speed data output IEC-61162-1 VBW sentence (8 circuits)
output period is variable between 0.5 and 9.9 sec.
Current signal (1 circuit)
4 mA = - 5 knots, 20mA=+25 knots
Voltage signal (1 circuit)
-3.2 V = -10 knots, 9.6 V =+30 knots
Distance data output IEC-61162-1 VLW sentence(8 circuits)
output period is variable between 0.5 and 9.9 sec.
200 pulses/mile contact signals (8 circuits)
pulse width = 100ms (75ms-125ms)
Operating depth 3m(2m-5m variable)
Power supply AC 100/110/115/220 V 50/60 Hz
Power consumption Less than 50 VA
Operating temperature -15 - 55 (Celsius)
Others Self check function, Analog meter connection, Sea water temperature automatic correction, Transducer mounting error correction

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