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Rađar hàng hải

Radar MDC-2260 Koden JAPAN


New DNA added to Koden's radar -True trail function, ATA with up to 50 targets, Map overlay

Precise display of targets using true trail function and Koden's unique technology
The display shows exactly the movement of other vessels, while land and buoys are shown as stationary objects even while your vessel is moving. This makes it easy to distinguish moving from stationary objects. And our new signal processing technology ensures that even small targets are constantly displayed.
ATA with up to 50 targets as standard
The convenient ATA (Automatic Tracking Aid) function comes as standard. The latest movements of other vessels can be represented instantaneously in vector form and numeric form, ensuring safe navigation.
Map overlay with C-Map chart (NT+ or NT MAX)* as standard function
C-Map chart (NT+ or NT MAX) is overlaid on the radar screen to provide clear radar pictures of coastlines, buoys, and other features.
*Owner supplied. Basic chart information only.
AIS interface (option)
When connected with an AIS receiver, the radar displays information on up to 200 targets, including the vessel name, bow direction, and vessel speed of each vessel with an AIS transmitter mounted.
The radar uses XGA (1024 x 768) providing a clear picture, which is extraordinary for a 12-inch LCD.
Dual station
One antenna can be operated from two displays. This is highly effective for navigation of a double ended vessel with bridges in the bow and stern.

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MDC-2200 Series


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