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Thông tin vệ tinh - Inmarsat

Inmarsat Fleet77 JRC JUE-410F

Mã số: MINMF090001

Chủng loại: Inmarsat-Fleet 77

Nhà sản xuất: JRC

Advanced functions for networking are integrated in compact design.

The JUE-410F's all-in-one design provides superior quality, easy installation, user-friendly operation and heavy-duty construction.

Networking support with a variety of interfaces

JRC's JUE-410F is the world's first Inmarsat Fleet Mobile Terminal with built-in Ethernet interface. The new Fleet 77 incorporates a wide range of standard interfaces, such as Ethernet, RS-232 serial, ISDN and USB. These interfaces allow flexible on-board networking. Built-in Web Server function enables easy operation by PC.

- Easy to connect PC with standard interfaces like Ethernet and RS-232.

- Easy access to Internet with built-in terminal adapter.

- Easy web access operation with built-in web server function.

Two types of high-speed data service

Two types of high-speed data service JRC's JUE-410F supports two types of 64kbps data service.
Mobile Packet Data Service (MPDS) and High Speed Data Service (HSD). By selecting the appropriate service it enables you to use the most cost effective solution for any kind of communication.

- MPDS: Web browsing, Emailing, Chat communication, etc.

- HSD: Digital image transmission, Videophone, Chart Collection, etc.

JRC's Unique Antenna Design

JRC's JUE-410F Antenna is designed using the latest structural design methodology, incorporating analysis from ship’s motion and vibration data, collected from a wide range of vessels.

JRC’s long established experience in Inmarsat antenna design – dating back to the late 70’s - has resulted in:

- High reliability antenna for merchant vessels to middle-small size fishing boats.

- Easy installation by connecting the ADE and BDE with one coaxial cable. (Up to 100m)

The BDE (below deck equipment) comes with Ac power supply as standard.

Dedicated mechanical / electrical interfaces for upgrading from Inmarsat-A/B to Fleet F77.

Voice Distress Communication (Distress button protected from unintended transmission with cover).


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